Sun Protection

We cater to all possible tastes, presenting you with a choice of over 300 types of fabrics, from various materials and with different translucency levels:

  • modern design, patterned design
  • monochromatic patterns, special patterns (e. g. for exhibition venues)
  • impermeable fabric (blackout blinds)

The client chooses from this wide variety of options.

In addition to standard roller blinds, we offer some interesting alternatives:

  • standard roller blinds with or without mounts
  • standard cassette roller blinds
  • roller blinds for large surfaces
  • automatic roller blinds with mounts
  • roof roller blinds with or without lateral rails

The effective use of roller blinds

The curtain consists of alternately translucent (5 cm) and non-translucent (7.5 cm) slats.

It is mounted on a shaft and rolled over a weight at the bottom.

The the duo-roller-effect is created by moving the translucent and non-translucent slats

Standard mechanism colour – white (chain, mechanism, finishing caps, montage/cassette, weight and finishing weight caps)

Plisse blinds provide you with a special, exclusive ambience.

With their virtually unlimited application, nearly every window shape can be optimally protected from the Sun.



Modern and decorative curtains (blinds) for all areas of use.

While they have long been used in exhibition venues and business offices, they are slowly spreading into the household domain. No wonder, when you can choose from over 300 fabrics and patterns!

Vertical blinds come in various materials and with different translucency levels, e. g. special non-flammable materials or projection screens.

Standard slat width is 89 mm and 127 mm.

Custom-made functionality

A wide range of colours and designs. From monochromatic to patterned or perforated shutters.

Matte or polished.

With or without lateral sliders (fixators/cables).

The amount of light coming through can be regulated by adjusting the slats.

Shutters are also ideally applicable to darkening roof windows or slanting windows.